King Johnnie Casino Review

King Johnnie Casino Casino is, as they themselves write, a casino for all of Denmark’s game birds. You do not get what you get at all other online casinos and it is for better or worse. This means that you have to decide for yourself which criteria are important to you when choosing a king johnnie casino australia.

Ongoing bonuses and loyalty program on King Johnnie Casino

If you have already used your welcome bonus, or just want to know if there are more bonuses in sight, don’t worry. King Johnnie Casino has a page with ongoing campaigns, which they update along the way.

In there you can find a variety of fun offers that you can take advantage of. Among other things, you can regularly get more deposit bonuses. This means that you have the opportunity to get a bonus on most of your deposits. So if you keep an eye on the bonus page.

You should be aware that they are time limited. But it is of course something that is on the page. Where you can see the offer, there will be either a red or a green button. If it is red it says “expired”, if it is green it says “sign up now”. This way you can clearly tell the difference between the bonuses that apply here and now.

About King Johnnie Casino

King Johnnie Casino is a Danish-owned online casino, which in addition is a little different than all the others. You can only play on Danish-developed slot machines that they have produced themselves.

It is not so often you see it. Firstly, it is very common for casinos to buy into the use of slot machines from the major gaming manufacturers. It’s easier and casinos know what they’re getting. Secondly, it is very rare to see Danish game producers.

King Johnnie Casino is for all of Denmark’s game birds, and thus you are also welcome.

King Johnnie Casino mobile

King Johnnie Casino does not currently have a specially developed app that you can download on your mobile. However, this does not mean that you can not play at the casino when you are on the go.

You should use the casino in a slightly different way instead, but it’s super easy. First, make sure you already have a profile with the casino. Then go to the web browser on your mobile. There you type King Johnnie Casino in the search field. Then you actually just need to log in with your username and password. Then you are ready to play King Johnnie Casino Casino on your mobile.

Selection of games at King Johnnie Casino Casino

As mentioned earlier, King Johnnie Casino produces its own slot machines. For example, you can find King Johnnie Casinos original slot machines such as Danmark Rundt, Slikkepinden, Banko Fandango, Grand Prix and King Johnnie Casino på Sengekanten.

By being produced by the casino itself, they have been able to use feedback from their players to make new and better games. In addition, they also guarantee ultra-high payback percentages. Compared to the other games on the market, however, there is no “ultra high” payback. It is very similar to what you see elsewhere. One percent somewhere in the mid-nineties.

On the other hand, it is not a casino for you if you want a large selection of games. Since King Johnnie Casino itself makes all the games, there are not that many of them either. Therefore, you should choose King Johnnie Casino if you are into fewer, more unique slot machines.

Star dust

Star Dust is a slot machine for all those who think Starburst is a super cool game. You can clearly see that inspiration has been taken from. You will find symbols that represent the precious stones. In addition, there is also a space theme. However, Starburst is very simple, but in Star Dust you will see some other and brand new features.

Among other things, you may be lucky enough to experience the game’s free replacement spins. If you get a winning combination in clusters, then you also win replacement spins with your winnings. Free replacement spins work in such a way that if you land 11 blue symbols on both the inner, middle and outer rows, for example, the remaining symbols will spin again. Thus, new symbols appear on the empty spaces and you have the opportunity to get an even better combination.

Star Dust is a little more advanced than Starburst and therefore it is perfect for those who know and like the game, but who also think it could be cool with a little extra features.

The Tale of the Hero

In this slot machine we enter an adventurous world where the main character who is our hero saves his village from the evil wizard. You get into the main game first, but in addition there are also 4 exciting feature games with different locations. If you are lucky, you can get access to the Wishing Well, Magic Compass, The Wizard’s Cabin and The Enchanted Forest.